Some Civil War Veterans and local volunteers are honored for their hard work this Memorial Day Weekend

MOUNT HOLLY SPRINGS, Cumberland County - A community honored some very special people for their hard work and dedication this Memorial Day weekend.

The Cumberland County Historical Society was highlighting the importance of learning about Mount Tabor Church and the cemetery's history in Mount Holly Springs.

Organizers said seven African Americans and Civil War veterans are currently buried in the cemetery. One of those veterans helped establish the church and congregation before it closed in the 1970s.  After that, the cemetery was left unattended for decades. Now, that Veteran's family is leading the effort to restore it with a call for help.

"When you look at the sights and how important it is for the community, we realized that that story needed to be told," said Lindsay Varner, community outreach director at Cumberland County Historic Society, "When the Gumby Family said they wanted to have a fence to be put and when you start to think about 50 to  60 people buried here and a dozen headstones, it becomes even more important to honor the ground that's here and the story of people that were buried here."

Many people were in attendance today including Senator Mike Regan. The Mount Tabor Preservation Project started in 2018.


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