Memorial Day kicks off “100 Nights of Taps”

GETTYSBURG, Pa. --- For Memorial Day, the military honor song "Taps" echoed across Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Monday marked this first night of "100 Nights of Taps."

From now until Labor Day, at least one unique bugler, comprised from 17 different states, will play Taps at 7 p.m. each night at Gettysburg National Cemetery.

Jari Villanueva, bugler coordinator for "100 Nights of Taps" and a U.S. Air Force band veteran, said it's an "honor" just to have the opportunity to play Taps.

“This is a way for us veterans and also for us military, even the active duty personnel, as a way of giving something back,” said Villanueva.

Sarah Starks, a music teacher from the Cincinnati, Ohio area, was one of the bugler to play Taps for the Memorial Day opening ceremony.

She said she always played Taps at events in her hometown, and described playing at Gettysburg National Cemetery as the "best" she ever played at.

“I can’t imagine playing taps in a better place for Memorial Day. When I think of Memorial Day and honoring soldiers who have passed, I can’t imagine a place other than this to do it,” said Starks.

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