The Fightin’ Pylons: How hockey extends far beyond the arena

Turning back the clock, we would all love to do it if we could. And if you are an athlete, you always believe your can get in the game.

For one group of old timers, The Fightin' Pylons Hockey Team, father time is no match for their ice time.

"It's like playing in the old school out in the school yard with the kids and it's my week to myself, my week of fun," said Jeff Barbieri, of Hummelstown. "And I am much happier now because I got more than I ever asked for."

The Fightin' Pylons Hockey Team may look like any other beer league team but this team dedicates the first hour of the night to anyone who wants to learn the game.

"We run about 45-50 minutes of drills in an hour and a half session," said head coach Rob Shearer. "We got everybody from novices to guys who played in their younger years and haven't played in a long time who area now back out, so it's really cool."

And after that, it's a whole other competitive level.

But the hockey goes beyond the arena and it's not just for tailgates, rather the Ronald McDonald House of Central Pennsylvania.

"Over the years we have really jelled as a group and we are a family know and wanted to make sure that we can do good things for the community," said Pylons manager Todd Shill.

Sot Brad, another manager added, "When we started this, we never would have dreamed that this would have turned into what it did but it's awesome how it has taken off and the good things we can actually do with it."

Athletes never know when the sun will set on their career, but we known the fight won't leave the Pylons anytime soon.

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