Neighbors work to clean up neighborhood damaged by storm in Lancaster County

PENN TOWNSHIP, Pa. - People in Lancaster County cleaned up Wednesday after Tuesday night’s storm damaged some properties in Penn Township. Some even lost power.

A contractor said everyone living in the area is extremely lucky, as the construction crews could've easily been ambulances instead.

Richard Keener, who lives on Park Hill Drive, did not sleep well Tuesday night.

“That was the scariest two minutes of my life,” Keener said. “Let me tell ya. I’ve been on some pretty dangerous rides and done some crazy things in my life but to actually see that happen right in front of ya, that was pretty scary.”

He was outside Tuesday night just before some crazy winds picked up on his street.

“When I saw how it looked out the front door that’s when I said, ‘okay close the door. Everybody downstairs,’ and everything got quiet,” Keener said. “Only about a minute to a minute and a half. So I came upstairs and looked out the front door again and it was calm. Just like nothing happened.”

Across the street…

“You’ve heard the expression, ‘the calm before the storm’?” Donald Royer, a neighbor, said. “That’s exactly what happened here. It was calm and it was like a bomb went off. Everything for about 30 seconds. And then it was over.”

A tree went through his roof, missing him and his wife, he said, by only 3 feet. Not as lucky, but just as grateful.

“Well ya know, my wife and I are 83 and we wanted to make it to 84,” Royer laughed. “So that’s how fortunate we think we are.”

They've lived there for 60 some years. In that time, there’s never been any weather damage like this.

“I’m a tennis player my whole life so I am optimistic,” Royer said. “Every time I play I think I’m going to win. So I think this will turn out okay.”

Even though his home was no match for the storm.

“Nope,” Royer said. “We lost out to the tree.”

But it doesn't matter what you do, or what job you have, Wednesday’s job was clean up

As for how long the clean up will take, a contractor said it will all depend on each person's insurance coverage.

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