Hanover man recalls chaos as armed robbery, shooting happened next door

HANOVER, YORK COUNTY, Pa. - A trail of blood is the only sign left Friday morning that someone had been shot during an armed robbery earlier Friday morning. The incident happening in an apartment on the 100 block of Spring Avenue in Hanover around 1:30 a.m. Friday.

"I heard a lot of chaos and hollering," said John Runkle, describing the scene he woke up to.

Police say a man forced his way into an apartment next to Runkle's demanding money and jewelry before hitting one of the two men inside on the head and then shooting the other.

"It's just scary is all i can say to be living next to that in this town and stuff," said Runkle.

Just a few doors away from where the robbery happened lives Becky Berkert. She says she did not hear any gunshots and didn't know something happened until later in the morning. She says she never expected to hear something like this happening in her neighborhood.

"This neighborhood is awesome," said Berkert. "I mean you would think people wouldn't, excuse me for a lack of better words, be stupid."

Yet, two blocks away, Bill Crawford says he's noticed an uptick in some petty crime and suspicious people in the neighborhood in the last couple months.

"My wife and I, we each had our cars vandalized. She had her windows damaged, I had a flat tire," said Crawford. "And just recently, two or three weeks ago there's been people looking in the neighbor's houses at night."

Crawford believes the crimes are all related.

"So I think once they catch these people it'll go back to normal," said Crawford.

Until then, people living in this area say they will be extra vigilant.

"We definitely lock our doors. there's no two ways about it," said Berkert. "I just pray that people are safe."

Police are still looking for the suspect. They say he was last seen walking north on Spring Avenue toward School Avenue. Police say the suspect got away with a purse, money and cell phone.

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