Community event helps prevent drug and alcohol addiction among young people in Dauphin County

SWATARA TOWNSHIP, Dauphin County - Dozens of people got together to help fight addiction in communities across Dauphin County.

The event is called 'Social Norming'. It helps prevent drug and alcohol abuse among young people. Dauphin County Drug and Alcohol Serviced held the event to educate the youth and encourage them to make positive choices.
Around 350 people attended to have some fun while promoting a healthy environments.

"We want kids to just learn how to have fun without having those issues," said Dionne Baylord, supervisor of Dauphin County's  Drug and Alcohol Prevention, "Drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, especially vaping. Vaping is a big thing right now, so we really want to get the word out that no not everybody is not using. You can have fun without using and you can accomplish a lot in life if you're not doing those things."

For information on community events like this one or help fighting addiction, visit Dauphin County Drug & Alcohol Services's website.

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