A strong cold front crosses through the area and behind it, drastic changes are on the way!

COLD FRONT BRINGS END TO STORMS: A cold front crosses through the area this evening putting an end to the hot, humid, and wet conditions we saw earlier today. Drastic changes are already being seen in western portions of the state where temperatures have tumbled into the low 60s this evening. Skies are clearing out and we remain dry through the rest of tonight with generally calm winds. Clear skies, calm winds, and a fresh cold front will all temperatures to fall into the low 50s tonight! Turn off those air conditioners and open up the windows, you won’t need the air on tonight. Tomorrow bright sunshine is with us, but temperatures are MUCH cooler than normal for this time of year!

BIG COOL DOWN INCOMING: Following the cold front, some of the coldest temperatures we’ve seen in weeks will arrive bringing some relief from the heat and humidity! Monday and Tuesday, high temperatures will likely only break into the low 70s where we should be in the upper 70s this time of year. On top of the cooler temperatures, dew points will drop into what we usually see in the winter time! A very dry air mass will settle in with dew points potentially in the 30s on Monday and in the 40s to 50s for Tuesday. This means our relative humidity will be around 40%, a perfect day to get outdoors and enjoy the calmer and nicer weather! Don’t get to used it it though, the warmer and more humid air makes a return by the middle of the week.

RAIN CHANCES RETURN MID-WEEK: The cool and comfortable conditions only stay with us through the start of the work week. A more humid air mass will take shape again by Wednesday bringing back our rain chances as well. Wednesday and Thursday appear to be our best chances to see some shower and storm activity, although at this time none of those days look to have the potential for severe weather. We dry out by the end of the work week, but temperatures remain a bit above average and dew points keep humidity feeling uncomfortable.

Have a spectacular Sunday!

– Meteorologist Jessica Pash

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