Lititz Police Dept. offers tips (some comical) for dealing with fox seen roaming around the borough

LANCASTER COUNTY -- The Lititz Borough Police Department has been known to have a little bit of fun on social media every now and then.

So when news began circulating this week that a fox has been seen roaming around the borough, the person in charge of the department's Facebook page saw another chance to lighten things up a little.

In a Facebook post Wednesday, the Lititz Borough Police Department offered some tips for dealing with the Lancaster County town's latest celebrity.

"Here is a basic rundown of a few simple Yes/No scenarios for the current FOX situation," the post reads.

YES - We are aware that there is a cute, fluffy, playful Fox roaming the neighborhoods in Lititz.

YES - We are aware that it is not a normal occurrence to witness a Fox roaming the neighborhoods in Lititz. However, Bald Eagles, Falcons, Hawks, Coyote, Deer, etc… all seem to pass through Lititz from time to time.

NO - Do not attempt to catch or play fetch with the Fox, it is a wild animal. Act accordingly and exercise common sense and self-survival for yourself, children, and pets.

NO - You DO NOT need to call 911 to report a FOX out for a leisurely stroll in the neighborhoods of Lititz

NO - You DO NOT need to inbox us DEMANDING we evict the FOX roaming the neighborhoods in Lititz

YES - Call the PA Game Commission if the FOX appears in distress, rabid, mange, aggressive behavior, etc… at (717)787-4250

*YES - It is appropriate to call 911 to report a FOX breaking into someone's home and stealing their jewelry, weapons, and valuables.

*YES - It is appropriate to call 911 to report a FOX entering unlocked vehicles in the middle of the night to steal loose change and miscellaneous items.

*YES - It is appropriate to call 911 to report a severely inebriated FOX stumbling around, making obscene gestures, and urinating in public.

YES - DO click on this link below and take about 5 minutes to educate yourself, and then further educate those around you, about how to cohabitate peacefully amongst the wildlife, specifically a Fox.

**Disclaimer** Any of the aforementioned scenarios with an * next to it are satire, and most likely will never ever happen, but who knows, its a crazy world out there.


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