Resurfaced sinkhole in Palmyra impacting traffic flow and local businesses

PALMYRA -- A sinkhole in Lebanon County has re-appeared causing traffic issues once again.

The sink hole along Route 422 in Palmyra closed down part of the roadway for the second time in the last few weeks.

PennDOT re-routed Westbound traffic to a center turn lane as a precaution.

Back in 2014 an underground bridge was placed along 422 when a massive sinkhole opened up.

The project cost PennDOT nearly $1 million dollars.

“It was layers of concrete and geothermal mesh, that has actually done what it is supposed to do," said Fritzi Schreffler, Spokesperson, PennDOT.

However, this time PennDOT officials say building a bridge isn’t a practical option.

 “It’s not in the budget because we have to end up pulling that money from the county’s budget and other places," said Schreffler.

Some businesses nearby say every time a sinkhole opens up, they feel the impacts.

"It still affects our business one way or another because if we have trucks doing deliveries they just have one lane to actually get into our parking lot," said Kathy Biltz, UPS Palmyra owner. 

Others say the lane closures impact traffic flow and in some case turn customers away. 

"A lot of the sales are people coming from Hershey and whatnot and those people are not really familiar with the area and those are those customers we will lose," said Jordan Saul, Assistant Manager, Beer Cove.

PennDOT officials say they’re hoping to come up with a game plan within the next week.

"We’re going to be out there taking a look bringing in the engineers back in to take another look and see has this actually grown and has it sunk more," added Schreffler.

 Repair work should begin once a plan is in place.

The project is expected to take anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on underground conditions.

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