Suspect accused on Chambersburg arson case now charged with solicitation of 1st-degree murder

CHAMBERSBURG — A 42-year-old Chambersburg woman has been charged with solicitation of murder in the first degree after police determined an arson case in April was the result of her repeated attempts to get a man to kill her ex-boyfriend.

Tracy Dodd, who is already in prison after being charged with attempted aggravated arson and criminal conspiracy in connection to the fire that was set at a home on the 1000 block of South Fourth Street on April 26, was arraigned on the new charge Monday afternoon. Bail was denied, court documents show.

Michael McClure

A second suspect in the April 26 arson case, Michael McClure, 21, was also arrested and charged in the incident, police say.

According to police, a wheelchair ramp leading to the back door of the South Fourth Street home was burning when firefighters and police arrived on the scene at about 9:07 p.m. The fire was quickly extinguished, and damage was contained to the immediate area around the ramp.

It was the second time in as many days that someone had attempted to start a fire on the ramp, according to police. The day before, police found several bottles filled with lighter fluid and a burnt rag stuffed inside. The attempt did not result in a fire, but the resident installed a security camera after the incident.

The next night, the camera captured footage of a male suspect, later identified as McClure, successfully starting a fire at the same place (below).

In an interview with police, McClure said the previous night, it was Dodd who made the unsuccessful attempt to start the fire. McClure successfully set it on April 26, according to the criminal complaint.

After further investigation and interviews, police determined Dodd did not like a resident of the home, and solicited McClure to start a fire there, telling him they should “get rid” of the resident, whose name was redacted in the criminal complaint. Police say the man is the ex-husband of a resident at the home, and Dodd’s ex-boyfriend of the last five years.

In addition to telling him to set the fire, Dodd also allegedly told McClure she had access to an unregistered firearm and that he should shoot the man while he was in his vehicle, police say in the criminal complaint. Dodd also shared a plan for disposing of the body with McClure, according to police.

McClure said Dodd had talked to him about doing these acts “20-30 times” and appeared serious about committing the acts, police say. McClure allegedly told police he was hesitant to go through with the plan, but Dodd constantly talked about it.

He later admitted to setting the fire for Dodd, but did not follow through on the murder plan she had discussed with him, police say.

Dodd allegedly admitted to police that she had “talked” to McClure about the alleged acts.

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