York buildings deemed unsafe set for Thursday demolition

YORK, Pa. --- Three buildings on the 200 block of Roosevelt Avenue (249, 251, 253) are set for demolition Thursday.

Steve Buffington, Deputy Director of city permits, planning and zoning said the former Roosevelt TV building is already collapsing in the back.

They're concerned the rest of the building could soon follow it.

He also said the three-story combination building next to it is leaning about a foot towards the neighboring property.

“That’s shown movement. In last two to three months, we’ve observed that it’s actively moved so it’s necessary to get that down before it goes down on its own," said Buffington.

He explained that there have been long-standing orders to the property owners to demolish the buildings.

Yet, it hasn't happened.

Buffington said the demolition crew informed them they'd be out "first thing" Thursday to start the process.

He said they expect the demolition to take roughly three to four hours.

People who live near-by may need to leave their homes, as a precaution, while crews actively destroy the buildings.

“You plan for the best and it’s an experienced demolition but they’re also experienced so they’re cautious.”

York officials ask people to avoid the Roosevelt Avenue area throughout the day.

Otherwise, they recommend seeking alternate routes with the expectation of narrowed lanes for construction equipments.

Buffington also asks people to avoid coming to the area to "gawk" at the demolition.

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