Woman accused of theft says it was a mistake

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A woman accused of theft alleges she was just in a hurry and was confused about how to use the self-checkout scanner.

Police say on May 19, a Loss Prevention Officer saw Lisa Whitman, 47, checking out at the self-checkout at the West Manchester Walmart.

The LPO said he observed Whitman scan one item and then bag it along with a few other items that hadn’t been rung up, he said he saw her do it several times.

He said he saw the accused roll several pairs of shorts together, scan one pair and bag them all.

The LPO said that when she was done at the self-checkout, Whitman tried to leave the store with all of the bagged merchandise. He stopped her and took her to the LPO office where she allegedly said it was a mistake, that she was in a hurry and that she didn’t scan some items because she was confused about how to use the scanner and because she thought she had scanned items multiple times.

According to the police, the LPO found that Whitman had not scanned 16 items for a total value of $90.62.

When an officer from the West Manchester Township Police Department spoke with Whitman, she again said that she was in a hurry and didn’t realize she didn’t scan a few items. Police say the officer told Whitman that not scanning 16 items and deliberately rolling clothing items into other items, to conceal them, was no accident.

Police say that Whitman then admitted to purposely not scanning the shorts so she didn’t have to pay for them but insisted the other items were just a mistake.

Whitman was charged with one count of retail theft.

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