Supervisor for Conoy Township charged with driving under the influence in May

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — A supervisor with Conoy Township was charged in May with driving under the influence, according to court documents.

John Shearer, 60, was pulled over by police in the early morning hours of May 9. An officer wrote in the criminal complaint that he observed a blue SUV cross the double yellow lines while attempting to turn onto River Road.

As the officer attempted to catch up with the vehicle, he saw Shearer cross more than a tire’s length over the white fog line near the berm of the road. When close, the officer activated his lights and sirens, in which the SUV hit the brakes and decreased speeds but did not stop, the criminal complaint says. Shearer then drifted toward the berm of the road again, approaching a utility pole, but he corrected his mistake, missing the police.

Shearer eventually pulled over when the officer switched the tone of his siren.

During the traffic stop, the officer smelled a strong odor coming from Shearer’s breath and his eyes were bloodshot and appeared glassy, according to the criminal complaint. Shearer advised that he was a supervisor in Conoy Township and was coming home from his barn where he had a get together with friends.

Shearer was asked to exit the vehicle. While doing so, the officer observed him being disheveled.

The officer listed three Field Sobriety exercises that Shearer failed to complete in the criminal complaint. Shearer also, according to the officer, purposely gave an inefficient sample on the Portable Breath Test.

He was transported to the police station, refused a breath test and then was taken home.

Conoy Township Chairman Stephen Mohr issued this statement: 

A Township Supervisor is treated as any other resident of the township. It is an unfortunate situation when anyone decides to drink and drive. No harm is ever intended. But often there are tragic outcomes. Someone was watching over John on this particular short drive home.

With this situation it was a difficult , inconvenient , expensive,  learning experience. I am certain John will use it as such in the future. As should all those that drink, party and drive. Do Not Drink and Drive. Conoy Township and Susquehanna Regional Police will continue working to keep our township, neighborhoods, roadways and streets, absolutely totally safe.

John is seeking re-election this November. He has most likely been on the BOS for 12 years. He will continue to work for the township in Park Maintenance.

We are very fortunate that nothing more than Pride and the Pocket Book were the only things hurt with this incident.

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