What’s the best kind of candy bar? Critic offers his Top 30, and Hershey bar ranks surprisingly low

Looking for a good argument to liven up your afternoon?

Los Angeles Times food writer Lucas Kwan Peterson has just the thing.

In a food column Tuesday, Peterson listed his official candy bar power rankings. And he does not seem to have much respect for Central Pennsylvania’s most popular candymaker, Hershey’s.

Hershey’s Milk Chocolate finished 30th out of 30 candy bars ranked by Peterson. In his description of the standard Hershey bar — one of the world’s best-selling chocolate products — Peterson writes:

“Hershey’s chocolate is bad. And, at least by some standards, it’s barely chocolate. I understand that Hershey’s makes a large number of the candy bars included on this list, and that each contains its chocolate. But in the context of, say, a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup, the quality of the chocolate isn’t really noticeable.

In an actual Hershey’s bar, however, all you get is the chocolate, and so the flavor really comes to the forefront: acrid, waxy, almost rancid-tasting. A biting sweetness is followed by a terrible, sour aftertaste that stays on the tongue. Use this to wax your surfboard, or maybe for some s’mores, but I cannot recommend consuming it for any other reason.”

Ironically, the top candy bar in Peterson’s power rankings is the Take 5 — a product made by Hershey.

Butterfinger, Payday, Snicker’s and Tolberone round out his top five.

Read the full list — and the reasons behind it — here.


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