York County Coroner’s Office will no longer be commenting on Everett Palmer’s death investigation, its process

YORK COUNTY — The York County Coroner’s Office issued one last statement pertaining to the death investigation into Everett Palmer and its process on Wednesday.

The coroner’s office said that it will no longer be making any indirect or direct comments related to the matter because the investigation is active and ongoing.

All calls and emails related to the investigation or its process will be referred to the County Public Information Officer who, according to the coroner’s office, will have no additional comment.

You can read the full statement below: 

During the last week, the Coroner has explained this office’s forensic autopsy process thoroughly to multiple local and national media outlets. And a statement was released on the Coroners’ Twitter account (@YCoCoroner) on Friday, 6/7/19, which we stand by. In spite of that statement being released, some media outlets continued to report inaccurate information repeatedly during the weekend. As referenced in that statement, everything in regards to the forensic autopsy was done in accordance with the National Association of Medical Examiner guidelines.

We have clarified on multiple occasions that the release of the autopsy’s findings that was initially publicly released on 7/28/18 was only a press release, noting the cause and manner of death and some basic findings. It is NOT the original 22-page autopsy report which was prepared by the forensic pathologist and distributed to the family in August 2018. We have had multiple requests for that report, but cannot release it, without the family’s consent.

In spite of multiple and almost constant media requests, our staff have continued to do their jobs to the best of their ability. We are busy investigating approximately 3,500 plus cases per year, including approximately 700 detailed scene investigations annually. Therefore, so that we can attend to our work in the way we have been commissioned to do, and serve the survivors and our decedents properly, we will no longer comment on this case or anything related to it while the investigation is ongoing.

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