Experts urge ‘felt report’ submissions for 3.4 magnitude earthquake in Juniata County

MIFFLINTOWN, JUNIATA COUNTY, Pa. - At 8:30 Wednesday night, the United States Geological Survey recorded a 3.4 magnitude earthquake 11 miles SSW of Mifflintown.

"Just felt like a huge gust of wind hit the house, just minor shake," said Jean Cashman from Juniata County. "But that was it. It didn't last very long."

Cashman was one of the thousands of people who felt the quake. A felt report map from the USGS shows more than 1,600 people felt the earthquake from Williamsport to Hagerstown, Maryland. A 3.4 magnitude earthquake vibrations are comparable to semi-trucks driving by. Generally, experts say, it's not until about a 5.0 magnitude earthquake, where things really start to shake.

"That's when things actually start to make damage," said Michael Meyer, Harrisburg University Assistant Professer of Earth System Sciences. "That's when people are like, 'oh, things fell my shelves, and such.'"

Meyers says, an earthquake of this magnitude if no cause for concern. While Central PA does not have any major fault zones like the famous San Andreas in California, we do have ancient faults from when the Appalachian Mountains were formed.

"This one, lone small one," said Meyer. "Is pretty much the normal goings ons of the earth."

The USGS is asking anyone who felt the earthquake to submit a felt report. You can submit a felt report here.

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