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Motorists alert police after they box in driver who was reportedly seen drinking vodka, swerving all over the road

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — An Oldsmobile Cutlass was boxed in last week by three vehicles after witnesses reportedly saw the driver drinking a bottle of vodka and swerving all over the road.

The Cutlass, light blue in color, was boxed in June 6 on the Route 30 eastbound off ramp at Carlisle Road.

Witnesses told the responding officer that the driver — identified as 55-year-old Danna Marros — was swerving and drinking out of a clear bottle they believed to be vodka in the area of Hanover Road and Route 30. A witness also advised that he pulled up beside her, saw the bottle and she then tossed it out the window near Sheetz on Route 30.

Prior to an officer’s arrival, they boxed the Cutlass in and managed to take the keys out of the vehicle’s ignition.

An officer then spoke with the driver, Marros. She was the only occupant of the vehicle and had an odor of alcohol coming from her breath, according to police. Marros, police say, also had a thick slurred speech, and red and glassy eyes.

Police say Marros denied swerving and drinking alcohol or taking any medication prior to driving.

According to police, Marros struggled to keep her balance when she exited the vehicle, and had to place her hand on it so she didn’t fall over.

Police note that a portable breath test was unable to get a reading on Marros and she refused to perform field sobriety tests. It’s alleged that she then called officers derogatory names and repeatedly said, “F*** You.”

Marros was then placed under arrest for driving under the influence and transported to York Hospital for a blood draw before being taking to Central Booking.

She faces one count of driving under the influence.

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