Williams Valley wins 1A softball final

University Park, Centre County -- After defeating West Greene in 2016 and losing the state softball final to the same team, the past two seasons. You would understand if Williams Valley welcomed another opponent. This time, the Lady Vikings dueled with Dubois Central Catholic.

Williams Valley played near perfect in the biggest game of the season.

Bottom of the third, Vikings up 1-0. Emma Crisswell. Out to right field, nearly a collision. Good enough for two RBI's.
Top of the fifth, great awareness by catcher Grace Hoffman, to end the threat.

Bottom of the fifth, still 3-0. Maddy Boardner places it over the first baseman's head. Brings in another.  Now 4-0.

Top of the sixth, Crisswell with the heat to end the inning. The Vikings keep the momentum going with a base hit by Kenna Ferron to extend their lead to 5-0. That calls for a pile up. Williams Valley wins their second title in four seasons.

"This is my third year here ... And we've been having silvers the last two. I'm just so happy we got the gold this year," said Maddy Boardner, Williams Valley junior infielder.

"We've been here four times. This is the first time they've been to this field, playing on this stage. We were relaxed. We were loose the entire game. I believe that was the edge," said Ryan Underkoffler, Williams Valley head coach.


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