York City Six brewery collaborative support York County Veterans Outreach

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Six local breweries joined forces to make the perfect summer brew in York.

On Saturday, local breweries Mudhook, Liquid Hero, Crystal Ball, Collusion, Gift Horse, and Old Forge, also known collectively as the York City Six, released their second brew.

For each pint that was sold, one dollar was donated to the York County Veterans Outreach program and a check was also presented to the York City Police Department.

"It's actually really nice to give back to the people that, you know, come in and come to our establishment as is," said brewery owner Jared Barns, "To be able to then donate money back to this organizations just creates a community-wide effort to support local businesses and to support the other breweries that are all here in the community."

The event took place at Collusion Tap Works on South Howard Street in York.

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