Homeless woman accused of doing drugs with high school-age boyfriend with other minors present

LANCASTER COUNTY — A 37-year-old homeless woman from the Elizabethtown area has been charged with endangering the welfare of children after she her high school-age boyfriend did drugs while two minors they were caring for were in a vehicle with them, according to Elizabethtown Borough Police.

Tara M. Foreman, no fixed address, was charged after police investigated the allegations made by one of the minor victims, who first reported them to a counselor from the Elizabethtown Area School District in April.

According to police, the victim reported she and the other minor victim were homeless and were “hanging around” with Foreman and her boyfriend, whom police did not identify. The victim reported that Foreman had gotten her boyfriend to start using drugs again, and he became “very mean” toward the two minor victims when he was using them.

Police interviewed Foreman’s boyfriend, who admitted he had been living in his vehicle after being removed from a homeless shelter for three days. He admitted to dating Foreman, whom he said had a drug problem, but denied using any drugs himself — outside of occasionally using too many oxycodone pills, which he claimed were prescribed to him.

Police checked school records for the minor victim who initially reported the drug usage, and saw that they had 26 unlawful school absences. The victim told police she observed Foreman and her boyfriend using drugs in the boyfriend’s 2001 Ford Expedition while driving it around Elizabethtown.

Foreman allegedly became very hostile toward the minor victims, saying “Do what you’re told or I’ll punch you in the face.”

Foreman and her boyfriend were responsible for the care of the minor victims, police determined, which is why Foreman was charged.

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