Warm and stuffy start to the week on Monday with more severe weather chances

Expect plenty of clouds, warmth and humidity on Monday. There’s a chance for strong to severe storms during the afternoon.




The highest severe weather threat on Monday is near the Mason-Dixon Line.

MONITORING MORE SEVERE WEATHER THREATS:  Monday brings more warmth and muggy conditions, in addition to shower and thunderstorm chances. The morning brings some shower activity, but conditions should dry out by mid to late morning for most. Some sunshine breaks out around the midday hours and into the early afternoon, and this helps to fuel some shower and thunderstorm development. If enough sunshine breaks out, some strong to severe thunderstorms are possible, with the highest threat closest to the Mason-Dixon Line. The threat starts around 2 P.M. and lasts into the early evening hours. Damaging winds and flash flooding are the primary threats, but small hail is a possibility as well. The tornado threat is extremely small, but not zero. Temperatures are warm and stuffy, with upper 70s to middle 80s possible depending on sunshine. Some showers and storms linger through the night, but the severe weather threat diminishes through the early evening. It’s warm and steamy, with lows dipping back into the 60s. Tuesday brings the chance for more showers and thunderstorms. There’s still a severe weather threat too, but it’s smaller than Monday’s risk. Heavy downpours could lead to some areas of flooding once again. Expect afternoon temperatures back into the 80s once again.



Shower and thunderstorm chances remain through the middle of the week.

MORE WARMTH, HUMIDITY, STORM CHANCES:  The same system wobbling back and forth over the region keeps the chance for showers and thunderstorms alive on Wednesday. It’s not as warm, and it’s still muggy. Temperatures reach the upper 70s to lower 80s. The best chance for widespread showers and thunderstorms is during the afternoon and evening on Thursday. It’s warm and muggy, with temperatures in the lower to middle 80s. We’ll have to monitor this day for the potential of more severe weather.



DRIER BUT STILL WARM WEEKEND:  A break finally comes toward the end of the week and the first half of the weekend! Friday brings a return to dry conditions, with plenty of sunshine expected. Expected Temperatures to come down a bit, with the humidity levels too. Afternoon highs are in the middle 70s to lower 80s. Saturday brings partly cloudy skies. Temperatures start to warm, and conditions start to turn more humid again too. Expect temperatures in the lower to middle 80s. Sunday is partly sunny, with seasonable warmth and humidity in place. Expect temperatures in the upper 70s to lower 80s.



Stay Weather Smart with FOX43! Have a great Monday!

-Andrea Michaels




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