Olivia’s cooks up Miso Chicken & Broccoli over fried glass noodles

YORK TOWNSHIP, PA — Harry and Adrienne Tassou from Olivia’s Authentic Mediterranean Cuisine in Gettysburg stopped by the Fox43 Kitchen on Tuesday.

For more information: https://www.oliviasgettysburg.com/

Miso Chicken & Broccoli over fried glass noodles
(Please note: with a few easy modifications this can be a gluten free and dairy free dish)

Miso glaze
3 tbsp Rice
1/2 cup Mirin (sweetened rice wine)
2 tbsp Soy Sauce
3 cups Pineapple Juice
3 tbsp Miso (soybean miso paste)
1 tbsp fresh chopped garlic
3 tbsp fresh chopped Ginger
3 tbsp Cilantro
2 tbsp Fresh squeezed lime juice from 4 limes
1 tsp pepper flakes
2 tbsp brown sugar
Pinch pepper
In a sauce pan on high heat, bring all ingredients (except miso paste) to a boil.  Then add Miso Paste and then heat back to medium & simmer until thickened approx 3-4 mins.

Fried Glass Noodles
1 lb glass noodles (rice noodles)
1/2 cup Miso glaze
1 quart Chicken Stock (clarified)
4 eggs scrambled
1 cup mushrooms- quartered
1 cup assorted colored peppers
1/2 cup scallions - chopped
1/2 cup carrots - julienned
1 tbsp garlic - chopped
3 tbsp sesame seeds
1 tbsp poppy seeds
3 tbsp Sesame oil
1 lime- juiced
Pinch - salt
Pinch - pepper

Prepare your chicken stock & strain into container.  Let set to tempur down (not to overcook noodles).  Add glass noodles, allow to steep for approx 5 mins.  In a wok or skillet, heat w Sesame oil, add garlic, ginger, scallions, carrots, peppers, sesame & poppy seeds, & mushrooms.  Toss a few times and add the eggs.  Tossing constantly w chop sticks until eggs are cooked approx 3 minutes.  Toss in the lime juice & salt & pepper.  Enjoy!!

First official day of summer this week, so we are shaking up some innovative crush cocktails!

Black cherry crush
Three Olives Cherry Vodka
Black cherries
In a glass muddle together the cherries w grenadine.  Fill w ice.  Add cherry vodka. Top w sprite.  Cheers!!









Caribbean Crush
Blue chair bay coconut rum
Kraken dark rum
1 orange - fresh squeezed
Fresh pineapple
Pineapple juice
Cream of coconut
In a glass muddle a few fresh pineapple chunks along w the fresh squeezed orange. Add ice.  Add remaining ingredients. Shake.  Garnish w pineapple wedge.  Cheers!!



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