Police: York County man charged with DUI after police find him asleep in car at Burger King parking lot

YORK COUNTY — Police in West Manchester Township have charged a 29-year-old York County man with four counts of DUI and a traffic violation after he was allegedly found sleeping in a running vehicle parked outside a Burger King restaurant on the 2100 block of White Street last month.

Jordan Stambaugh was arrested on May 9 after West Manchester Township Police were dispatched to the Burger King at about 5:03 p.m., police say.

Police say Stambaugh was found slumped over in the driver’s seat of a blue Subaru Legacy, with an open bottle of Yuengling Lager between his legs. There were open cans of beer on the passenger side floor, and the vehicle was still running, according to police.

The responding officer knocked on the driver’s side window in an attempt to wake Stambaugh, but he was unresponsive, police say. The officer then opened the driver’s side door, and Stambaugh woke up, but appeared to be disoriented, according to police. He was unable to tell police how long he’d been sitting in the parking lot, police say.

When asked how many drinks he had consumed, Stambaugh allegedly answered, “A few.”

Stambaugh took a preliminary breath test at the scene, which indicated a blood alcohol content of .132, according to police. He also showed signs of impairment when police administered field sobriety tests, police say.

Police took Stambaugh into custody and transported him to York Hospital for a blood draw, which was taken at about 5:46 p.m. The report indicated Stambaugh’s blood alcohol content was .158. Stambaugh also tested positive for THC, according to police.

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