West York school board members approve Lunch and Learn Program

WEST MANCHESTER TOWNSHIP, YORK COUNTY,  --  West York Area School District board members reversed their previous decision to pass a “Lunch and Learn Program,"  allowing parents and community members to weigh in before a final vote on Tuesday.

Despite push back from parents, the board voted 5 to 4 in favor of implementing the program.

School officials say it would offer high school students an hour and twenty minutes to do what they choose like eat lunch, participate in group activities,  meet one on one with a teacher, or choose to use that time to do whatever they want. 

Parents  who were in attendance say they are worried how the program will be monitored.

“Security here seems to be loose right now and with 850 students being able to basically do whatever they want for 80 minutes, we just think it’s going to be a recipe for bullying and just chaos," said Shawn Harlacher,  parent. 

Some say they feel the decision was made too quickly.

"I’m disappointed because I just just feel like they are rushing to implement a program that there are still a lot of questions that need to be answered, scheduling conflicts, safety concerns," said Ruth Fletcher, parent. 

School officials  say 22 faculty members will be assigned to monitor specific areas where students will be during that time, adding there is no need for parents to worry.

"I have so much faith and I have so much pride in the students that are at this school that I think their going to take the time and they are going to use it for what it’s for," said George M. Margetas, West York Area School District board member.

Changes to the program are still being figured out 

School officials say the program will be tested before it is fully implemented in the 2019-2020 school year. 

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