New speed limit signs in Wrightsville irk some people, others say action is needed against speeding

YORK COUNTY, Pa. --- Eight new speed limit signs line Locust Street, heading north.

Borough Council President Eric White said it became part of revitalization project of the main snow route street when people in the area expressed concerns about speeding in the area.

White said they passed an ordinance to lower the speed limit to 25 miles per hour and posted the signs for enforcement.

Now, he said they're receiving complaints about the signs, themselves.

“[We] placed the first eight signs and got eight calls so that gives you an idea of how people feel about the placement of the signs,” said White.

White said placement complaints include seeing the signs in front of homes, blocking views and complaints as to why the signs cannot be on a telephone pole or hang from trees.

Borough officials say someone even went as far as uprooting one of the signs.

Mayor Michael Albert said they will cite anyone who continues to do so.

White said they are trying to go "by the book" on what the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) requires for sign placement.

“We’re not trying to be difficult about it. We’re just trying to follow the rules so that we can enforce the speed limit, so we can slow the people down, so we can make it a safer street," said White.

Elgin Abel, who lives on Locust Street and has a speed limit sign set up in front of his home, said he's glad it's there.

“I got two little kids and you try and teach them as best you can to not play out in the road but they’re eight years old and five years old, they lack in common sense at their young age," said Abel.

Others, such as Keith Ness, see the speed limits signs as a start but would like to see additional stop signs and lines down Locust Street.

Ness' concern is speeders coming through the residential area that is teeming with children.

“They act like there’s no stop signs here on this street, they just fly straight through. I see it almost every day: The neighbors complain, they yell at them. People just fly down, fly up, they don’t care," said Ness.

White said they will be adding more speed limit signs on the side of Locust Street that heads south.

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