Woman caught with stolen Apple AirPods at Genco/FedEx facility

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A woman was charged with receiving stolen property after her earbuds were matched to a pair stolen from her place of work, according to police reports.

Police say the suspect, Ana Luz Monegro, reported to work on May 16 at the FedEx/Genco facility in West Manchester Township and  gave her Apple AirPods to a security guard before she stepped onto the floor, per company policy. She allegedly told the security guard she’d be back for them after her break.

When she didn’t pick them up after the break, the security guard gave the AirPods to the loss prevention officer who ran their serial number and found they were listed as stolen from the facility in March, according to police.

The LPO questioned Monegro, who doesn’t speak English, via an interpreter and she allegedly said she had purchased the AirPods at a store in New York.

When a police officer arrived at the scene he asked Monegro, through the interpreter, what store she’d purchased them from and asked if she still had the receipt.

Police say Monegro then contradicted herself and said she didn’t buy them at a store but bought them from some guy.

According to police, the officer told Monegro that although he couldn’t prove she had actually stolen the AirPods from the facility, she was still in possession of stolen property which is illegal.

Monegro was then arrested and escorted out of the facility.

The $159.99 AirPods were recovered.

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