LeSean McCoy hosts mini-football camp for young athletes in Dauphin County

LOWER PAXTON TOWNSHIP, Dauphin County - Many young athletes showed off their skills, talent and love for the game Saturday.

Local NFL player LeSean McCoy, also known as Shady, hosted a mini-football camp held by The LeSean McCoy Foundation.

More than 150 kids learned essential functions, safety techniques and the importance of teamwork and discipline. They also received some education advice that will make them better students and athletes, according to Theresa Jones, Secretary with the LeSean McCoy Foundation.

"Not only is it the physical aspect. The discipline is there. The ability to listen and receive feedback. Football is not a one-man sport, it compiles of all of the members of the team. So, it's essential that we focus on all of the elements of football," said Jones.

LeSean McCoy also wanted to teach the kids to pursue their dreams.

"I think we want to preach to the kids today is that it's time to learn to have fun and be a kid. Whatever your dreams are, you can accomplish them with hard work and dedication," said McCoy.

The event also helped raise money for the LeSean McCoy Foundation. Its mission is to help cover medical expenses for people with ALS and spread awareness about the disease.

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