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FOX43 Finds Out: Cable Bill Confusion

Mary Baer of Shrewsbury says her cable bill has doubled since last year and now she says she feels stuck in a contract she didn't even know she signed.

FOX43 Finds Out what you need to know before signing or hitting accept.

Bear says her family only watches a handful of channels.

When she stopped getting some of those channels last year, she called Comcast.

At the time, she was told she needed to buy a new cable package.

"That went from $68 I think to $90," she said.

She paid the $90 for about a year.

Then her latest bill  went up again, to $122.64.

She says she called Comcast and was told she's in a two-year contract.

Her bill will likely keep getting more expensive under her current cable package.

"They said it was going to go to $148 next year. At what point does it stop?"

Baer says she had no idea she was in a contract with Comcast.

Though she does remembering accepting something while on the phone with the company.

"They sent me something over my cell phone to push something with 'I agree to this.' But I asked them the amount of money it would go up and they couldn`t really tell me how much it would go up."

What Comcast spokesperson says what was sent to Baer's phone  is essentially a contract.

It's something people need to read over and make sure is correct,  before hitting accept.

FOX43 finds out did reach out to Comcast about Baer's situation.

We were sent a statement from Robert Grove, VP Communications, Comcast Keystone Region that reads:

“Comcast has worked to simplify our billing process and make it easier for customers to understand what they’re paying for. This includes simpler pricing, a statement with fewer line items and a consent process that all customers use, as did this customer, to verify they agree with the package structure. Comcast data customers do have the ability to use their own routers and can obtain information about compatible devices at”

Baer says she knows for next time that she won't be entering any contract.

FOX43 Finds Out gets a lot of emails from people complaining about the high cost of cable bills.

Here are a couple of things you can do to at least knock a few dollars off your next bill.

1. Buy your own internet router.

On your bill you may see a rental fee for the router.

Your cable company can 'rent' that to you for a fee.

If you buy your own, you can save about $10 a month.

2. if you buy a new cable package from you can sign up for those cash back websites like Ebates.

Some of those packages can give you more than $65 cash back.

3. You can always try calling the cable company and asking for a discount.

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