Boating Under the Influence Enforcement with PA Fish and Boat Commission

WARRINGTON TWP,Pa--- This morning FOX43's Chris Garrett talked with Adam Spangler, PFBC Education Specialist with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission about boating under the influence enforcement.

Just like driving a car while impaired, boaters can be charged with Boating Under the Influence, or BUI.  The legal blood-alcohol limit is the same too, Point-Zero-Eight.  All summer long, our Waterways Conservation Officers will have added patrols looking for signs of impairment, whether its alcohol or drugs. We recommend that you never drink and boat, or select a sober designated boater.

First and foremost, every boating trip should begin with wearing a life jacket.  The law requires that there is a life jacket on board for every adult on your boat, and all children ages 12 and under must always wear a life jacket while on  kayak or canoe.  A second item that can come in handy is a whistle, or a noise producing device so you can call for help if you get into trouble.


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