SUEZ Water says someone vandalized, opened fire hydrant in Dauphin County

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — SUEZ Water is asking customers to report suspicious activity around fire hydrants after one was recently vandalized and opened for illegal use in Dauphin County.

SUEZ Water says improper use of a fire hydrant can result in discolored water traveling throughout the distribution system. The company believes that the recent incident — which is illegal and punishable by law — was a source of recent discolored water experienced by customers in portions of Susquehanna Township, and possibly beyond.

As a result, the maintenance of all hydrants has been suspended as SUEZ Water investigates other sources of discolored water reported by customers.

SUEZ Water advises customers who notice someone other than company employees, emergency responders or public works officials using a public fire hydrant to call 911 and report the exact location. Customers should then call SUEZ Water toll-free at 1-888-299-8972 to report the same information.

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