PA Department of Health confirms measles case in Lancaster County

LANCASTER COUNTY -- Another measles case has hit Pennsylvania -- this time in Lancaster County.

In 2019 alone, seven cases have been reported in Allegheny County, one in Crawford County and the latest case, Lancaster County, where a resident contracted the measles while visiting different parts of New York State then traveling back to the area by car.

"Once this person found out they were sick they were out of the state for several days so that's a part of the incubation period and once they came back to Pennsylvania," said Nate Wardle, spokesperson for Pennsylvania's Department of Health.

State health officials say they are currently investigating anyone who was directly in contact with the individual during time of exposure.

"The person who drove the person back from New York, we have been working to figure out if that person has been vaccinated or if they have had measles in the past," said Wardle.

Eight of the nine reported cases in Pennsylvania this year did not have record of receiving MMR vaccination.

Experts say the outbreak highlights the importance of getting vaccinated.

"Vaccinations are safe, they are affective and they are the best way to protect not only yourself and your family but also your community from a number of serious diseases," said Wardle.

Along with the rash most associate with measles -- other common symptoms to look out for are:

-High fever
-Runny nose
-Red, watery eyes

Officials say the patient is being treated at home.

At this point there is no concern for public exposure.

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