Cross country cyclist raises awareness on crisis in Yemen

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- A Pennsylvania man is on a mission to raise awareness about the humanitarian crisis in Yemen.

Carson Caldwell is cycling through the country to tell people about the atrocities that are happening in Yemen where millions of people are starving due to on-going war.

The country was plunged into war in 2014 after Iranian backed rebels took over the country's capital and Saudi Arabia began a bombing campaign.

During his stop in York City, Caldwell told people the severity of the situation and what they can do to help make a difference.

"There's approximately 8 million people who are on the verge of starvation. In the last 3 years, 85,000 children under the age of 5 have starved to death," Caldwell said, "So $1 can provide a meal for one family in Yemen, $3 can provide 3 meals for a family in Yemen. So you can feed a family for a whole day with just $3"

After his stop in York City, Caldwell is heading to Baltimore to spread his message.

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