Auditor General DePasquale talks about his decision to run for a congressional seat

YORK COUNTY, Pa. -- Auditor General Eugene DePasquale made a stop at Astoria Diner in West York Monday, a day after he announced that he will run for Congress.

DePasquale met with people in the diner and and talked about his decision to run for the 10th district congressional seat, taking on incumbent Congressman Scott Perry.

"Wwe were colleagues together in the general assembly," DePasquale said of the congressman. "Get along with him, we're both fans of The Doors, but his approach to governing is something I completely disagree with. When he said that literally no federal worker lives paycheck to paycheck, I was stunned by that. It's going to be a vigorous campaign on the issues but my hope is that it will not be personal."

Congressman Perry's campaign issued this statement regarding DePasquale's campaign announcement

"Congressman Perry continues to concentrate on the job he was elected to do - to include working towards bipartisan solutions to many of our problems, like the cost of prescription drugs, ensuring coverage of pre-existing conditions, securing our borders and making government more transparent and accountable to the taxpayers. Eugene DePasquale is the hand-picked candidate of Nancy Pelosi and the House Democrats who want to move America towards Socialism and destroy access to quality healthcare, increase taxes - through the roof - on working class families, and cost us thousands of jobs right here in Pennsylvania."

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