Hot, steamy and stormy week ahead!

ANOTHER HEAT WAVE: Last week we checked off our first 90 degree day and our first heat wave of the season. This week, more 90s are likely as well as another heat wave. It is looking like we could be dealing with a 5-day stretch of 90+ degree heat! That would well surpass the 3 consecutive days of 90+ degree heat wave criteria. No record breaking heat is expected at this time, but temperatures will be a good 3-5 degrees above normal for this time of year. Overnight lows won’t drop below 70 for most of the week which means the air conditioners will be putting in overtime! Get ready for another hot and steamy week ahead! HUMIDITY ON THE RISE: Monday has been good to us keeping humidity in check and temperatures a bit cooler! The relief from the heat and humidity is unfortunately brief. Dew points will be rising quickly this week, climbing back up into the muggy and steamy categories. The most uncomfortable days this week will likely be Friday and Saturday with dew points close to 75! With temperatures in the low 90s, this will likely push our heat index values over 100! Remember that this is dangerous heat and if spending lots of time outdoors, make sure to stay hydrated! Storm chances are likely through the week as well with a couple storms Tuesday and Wednesday, and more storms likely late week — right in time for the holiday.

STORMY HOLIDAY: Unfortunately one of our better days for storm development looks to be Thursday, July 4th. While the day won’t be any means be a washout, expected scattered on and off storms. Temperatures will be sizzling up into the 90s which means it will be hot. With dew points in the upper 60s to 70s, it will feel rather uncomfortable! Make sure to take advantage of any dry time by spending it in the pool, otherwise be cautious for storm development.

Stay “Weather Smart” with the Fox 43 Weather Team all week long!

Have a great day!

– Chief Meteorologist MaryEllen Pann

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