Man accused of forging check from York County business

YORK COUNTY, Pa. — A man is accused of forging a check from York Tree Family LLC and cashing it at York Traditions Bank in West Manchester Township.

The incident occurred during the afternoon hours of June 13.

It’s alleged that Charles Sandt Jr., 47, entered the bank and presented a check that appeared to be from York Tree Family LLC. The $972.06 check was purportedly signed by R. Meckley, who is an authorized signer of checks for the business. It’s noted that the check also had the correct routing and account numbers for the checking account owned by York Tree Family LLC.

Police say Sandt presented ID with his photo and name on it that matched who the check was written out to.

On June 20, a security specialist with the bank filed a check fraud report after Meckley advised that he did not write the check and did not know the person who presented it.

Police compared surveillance video to a license photo of Sandt, which the still image closely resembled the photo. They also found the signature on Sandt’s license was a match with the endorsement signature on the back of the check.

On June 26, police spoke with an employee of York Tree Family, who is responsible for the business bookkeeping. Police note that the person was the first to notice a problem with the account.

The employee advised that she had never seen Sandt before and did not recognize him as anyone who would have done business with York Tree Family or would have reason to possess their checks.

According to police, York Traditions Bank reimbursed the account of York Tree Family.

An arrest warrant charges Sandt with one felony count of forgery.

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