The Importance Of Knowing CPR

YORK COUNTY, Pa.-- Knowing CPR can help you save a life at a moment's notice, as Heather Kriner learned all too well.

Kriner was babysitting a 14-month-old child at her Airville home when she found the little girl on the floor with liquid dripping from her nose.

"I picked her up and ran to the other room to get my phone to call 911," Kriner explained. "As I called, she went limp in my arms."

Kriner started CPR immediately while waiting for help to arrive.

That help included the child's own father, who is a paramedic.

"Luckily, we had a defibrillator to shock her, but without having good CPR, you can't even get to that point," he said.

Emergency crews flew the child from York Hospital to Penn State Children's Hospital in Hershey, where she spent 5 weeks recovering.

Her parents say she was only able to make a full recovery due to Kriner's quick thinking.

"CPR [occurring] as soon as an event happens is the Number 1 thing [that] will predict how well they are going to do after."

Recently, State Senator Daylin Leach co-sponsored a bill that would require all high school students in Pennsylvania to learn hands-only CPR before graduating, and last month, Gov. Tom Wolf signed it into law.

Pennsylvania now joins 38 other states with similar legislation, which is a change that the American Heart Association has been working towards for years.

According to the American Heart Association, about 350,000 sudden cardiac arrests take place each year, mostly outside a hospital, where a bystander is often the first to respond.

"With this being passed, we now have 130,000 life savers in our communities each year."

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