Police: Man who had ‘possible’ grenades in vehicle now faces weapon of mass destruction charge

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. — West Lampeter Township Police said Wednesday in a news release that the devices found inside 54-year-old Melvin Hartman’s vehicle on Sunday contained a black powder that tested positive for energetic material. They added that an x-ray of the devices also showed what’s believed to be live training fuses inside.

As a result, Hartman faces three new charges, including two felony counts of possessing a weapon of mass destruction.

Hartman was pulled over around 9:15 p.m. Sunday in the 2600 block of Willow Street Pike in West Lampeter Township for not displaying a registration plate.

During the stop, police found that there was an outstanding warrant for Hartman’s arrest. When they asked Hartman to get out, he refused. Police said that Hartman had to be dragged out.

Police then searched his vehicle, which led to the discovery of the devices, which appeared to be hand grenades, a loaded firearm and approximately seven grams of suspected methamphetamine.

Hartman also faces one felony court of carrying a firearm without a license.

Police noted that further testing on the devices will be conducted in the next week. They’re being examined and tested by the Hazardous Device and Explosive Section of the Pennsylvania State Police.

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