Civil War soldier re-enactors brave the heat for Battle at Gettysburg

FREEDOM TOWNSHIP, ADAMS COUNTY, Pa. - It was a hot day across Central Pennsylvania Friday. In Gettysburg Union and Confederate soldier re-enactors braved the heat to battle as they did during the Civil War.

"We try to get out of the sun when we can," said the man re-enacting Capt. John Haynes. "Many times there's a breeze that everyone will come out to it but again staying out of the sun as much as you can."

While trying to stay in the shade, re-enactors wore outfits very similar to what Union and Confederate soldiers would have worn.

"This is the typical summer and winter uniform for the union solider," said the man re-enacting Capt. John Haynes. "Everything is wool. I have a wool pants, a wool coat, shirt. In the wintertime I'll wear a vest. The hat is also wool."

Staying hydrated was also key, as these soldiers prepare to go to battle.

"Our NCO's go around and make sure everyone is drinking about every 15 minutes," said the man re-enacting Capt. John Haynes.

If the heat and battle wears them out, they can't retreat to their tents for a nap during the day. The tents are like ovens, trapping in all the heat.

"We don't let people go in and sleep in the tents during the day," said the man re-enacting Capt. John Haynes. "If they're going to sleep, they're going to come out and sleep in the open air."

The Gettysburg Battle re-enactments are happening throughout the weekend. Gates open at 8 a.m. Saturday and Sunday.

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