Soccer fans gather in Lancaster to watch Women’s World Cup final

LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- Local fans of the US Women's National Soccer team gathered at a bar in Lancaster City, to watch their team win the World Cup.

Fans, including the official supporters of Team USA, the American Outlaws, rallied at Tellus 360 on East King Street to catch the game on a 180-inch projector screen with surround sound.

The US team won its fourth World Cup, this time against the Netherlands in Lyon, France.

Fans said the team's win inspired them.

"The US Women's team has been amazing, which is really exciting and has been really fun for all of us. This is actually one of the best weeks we've had. And then for us personally, having the American Outlaws here is the real clincher," said American Outlaw, Jason Groff, "It's such an awesome way to promote soccer. I can't imagine people leaving here and not having a good time, and not feeling good about soccer. It's just a cool thing to bring the community together, everybody rooting for the same cause."

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