Property owner speaks out after State Police search home in connection to Tracy Kroh case

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. -- Pennsylvania State Police shut down a portion of Mountain House Road in Jackson Township, on Tuesday as they continue searching for the remains of 17-year-old Tracy Kroh who was reported missing back in 1989.

The home is located at 140 Mountain House Road, about ten miles from where Kroh was last seen.

Officials say a tip brought them to the property.

“They took a bunch of things out of the shed, they also took things from that black shed out that is actually charred inside and it looked like they were digging a hole in there," said Ian Benoit, witness and property caretaker.

Investigators spent the day searching the property and brought in cadaver dogs as well as digging equipment.

“I said what are you digging for and they said they thought maybe the remains of Tracy Kroh might be there and I said well you can dig all that you want but you aren’t going to find anything," said Mark Warfel, property owner.

Officials say Kroh was going to visit her sister and brother-in-law at ‘Alex Acres Trailer Park’ just off of Route 147 in Halifax, however no one was home.

Instead, Kroh dropped off a barbecue grill and some grocery store coupons on the front steps.

That was the last time anyone reported seeing Kroh.

87-year-old Mark Warfel, who owns the Jackson Township property says police approached him this week.

"I said why me and they told me who it was and I won’t mention her name and I just thought oh my god 'Squirly Shirley," said Warfel.

Warfel says it’s been nearly twenty years since he last used the property.

“I used it when I fixed cars over there an auto body shop but then I retired," said Warfel.

He says while he worked with Kroh's father years ago and knew Tracy, he has nothing to hide.

"They can search and hunt and do all they want, I had nothing to do with it," he added.

Investigators say they believe Kroh was abducted by someone she knew.

Last month, state troopers spent three days investigating a 30-acre rural section of a property off of Middle Road in Halifax Township.

The property is  just a quarter mile from the mobile home park where Kroh was last seen.

Officials would not confirm if anything was in fact found on the property or if Warfel is a suspect.

Warfel says he is cooperating with police.

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