College tuition costs for PA state owned universities to be voted on today

HARRISBURG, Pa. -- For more than 10 years tuition costs for Pennsylvania's 14-state owned universities have gone up.

The State System of Higher Education is expected to vote on tuition costs for the upcoming academic year on Wednesday.

The 2017-2018 academic school year saw a 3.5% increase with tuition costing full time in-state undergrads $7,492 a semester.

In 2008 students paid $5,358 a semester, and today that number is now getting closer to $8,000.

The highest increase according to the State System of Higher Education, was in 2012 at 7.5%. That years increase pushed tuition costs to reach over $6,000 a semester.

In the most recent years, college enrollment numbers have gone down. Could that be a factor of college fees and tuition costs?

Last year the average undergrad paid over $21,000 for room and board, and tuition.

Although Temple University isn't a state funded school -- the university just announced they are freezing tuition rates. That means they will not be increasing their costs for the upcoming academic year and it will stay the same as it was in 2018.

A decision is expected to be made after the vote on Wednesday in Harrisburg.

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