Man shot by Southwestern officer in 2018 arrested again, attempted to bribe police

YORK COUNTY, Pa.– A Spring Grove man, who was in the headlines as recently as last year for a run-in with police, has been arrested again.

Ryan Smith, 33, is facing bribery, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness, among other related charges for his role in the incident.

On July 5 around 4:15 p.m., police were dispatched to the Royal Farms store in the 100 block of Carlisle Street in Hanover Borough for a report of a disorderly subject still on scene.

Upon arrival, police met with a man matching a description of the subject, who turned out to be Smith.

While he was detained, police were able to speak to witnesses.

One person told police that Smith was inside the store while drinking a 25 oz. can of Natural Light.

While Smith was in the store, he allegedly saw a young teenage girl walk past, and said, “you should let me hit that,” according to court documents.

The witness told police that more words were exchanged between Smith and the girl, but they couldn’t hear what was said.

Then, the witness said they saw Smith follow the girl out the front entrance of the store.

It was then that Smith allegedly approached the victim and some other men before entering in a verbal altercation.

Another witness told police that Smith asked the girl when she turned 18 because he “wanted to get a piece of that,” according to the criminal complaint.

During the confrontation, Smith allegedly approached the girl and a group of her friends at one of the fuel pumps.

At that time, Smith allegedly called the victim a name and said that he would “beat up” her and her friends.

Police transported Smith to police headquarters where a search of his person revealed suspected drug paraphernalia, as police note they found an piece of burnt aluminum foil with the smell of marijuana residue, according to the criminal complaint.

When it came time to release Smith, he allegedly attempted to bribe one of the officers saying, “I’ll give you like $500 if you don’t charge me.”

Smith made headlines in 2018, when an officer admitted to “accidentally shooting” him while attempting to arrest him outside a Santander Bank.

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