Chambersburg Police to residents: Beware of potential medical scam

FRANKLIN COUNTY — Chambersburg Police are warning residents about a potential scam involving a door-to-door solicitor claiming to be a DNA sample collector for a medical company.

According to police, a resident notified them that on July 6, a tall, slim African American man knocked on his door, claiming to represent a medical company. The man was wearing scrubs and was clean-shaven, the victim reported. He allegedly told the resident he needed to confirm his identity, and photographed the resident’s Social Security card and driver’s license, police say. He then told the resident he was there to gather DNA to determine whether the resident’s medications were working for him.

Police say the man never provided any identification to the resident, and the resident’s doctor never informed him that a representative would be visiting him.

Chambersburg Police remind citizens that they need to stay vigilant and be wary of potential scams of this nature. Any resident who believes they have been the victim of a scam is encouraged to contact Chambersburg Police before providing any personal information to questionable solicitors.

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