Wigs, cash, and other items stolen from boutique in Lancaster County

EPHRATA, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- In Lancaster County, the owner of SJ Kober's Boutique in Ephrata is looking for answers after someone stole some wigs meant for people with medical conditions.

The owner believes it happened July 4th.

Kober says people who suffer from cancer and people with scarring from car accidents and fires are just some of the people who benefit from the wigs in the shop.

Kober actually has something in common with the people who walk into her shop.

"I lost my hair due to medication and illnesses, and so then, I started wearing wigs not just as fashion anymore, more as an every day thing so people wouldn't notice what I'm going through," explained Sheree Kober.

Kober says, unfortunately, there still is a stigma associated with wearing a wig. However, she is trying to minimize that. Kober says her wigs are trendy. That way when people walk out the door, they feel like they're leaving a hair salon, not a wig shop.

"When they truly put on one of my wigs, I will make sure it looks like either their original hair or it's coming out of their scalp, and when that happens, tears flow. I'm a mess. They're a mess, but we all leave happy, even though we're a mess. Does that make sense?" she explained. "That's what hurts cause I just can't go back out and buy those. Those are something I put my time into, so they're just gone."

Kober says someone stole a few human hair wigs, about $200 from the register, items for an event next month called The Gatsby Gala.

The proceeds from that are to help create an official medical wig program.

"This is a medical wig program that I am running so I can give people wigs because I'm tired of saying no," explained Kober. "It just hurts somebody would actually take away from the community. They did steal from me, but it's mainly the community."

Kober isn't sure how many wigs were stolen , but since they're made of human hair, they're costly. She estimates anywhere between $800 and $1,000 worth.

Kober says people and businesses who want to help out and donate silent auction items or money can call the boutique at 717-466-5858 or send Kober a message on Facebook.

The Gatsby Gala is set for August 3 at 7 p.m.

Ephrata Police are investigating the incident.

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