Beat the heat with these cool tips

RED LION, Pa.-- With extreme heat reaching out area, temperatures rising to the mid-90's, and high humidity -- you might want to take some measures to help keep yourself cool over the next few days.

The best way to keep cool, is to stay indoors with air condition.

If you can't do that, and you wan't to be by the pool or splash pad you should be drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated. Officials say to drink plenty of water, but don't wait until you are thirsty.

If you are outside at a pool or a splash pad, take some breaks in the shade so you aren't in direct sunlight the entire time.

You should wear light colored, loose fitting clothing, sunglasses, and use sunscreen if you are outside over the next few days.

Not only should you be taking measures to keep yourself safe, but these steps should apply to your loved ones-- including pets, children, and older adults.

If any older adults need some relief from the heat there are some facilities open where they can do so. The York County Office Office of Emergency Management and Agency on Aging has a list of senior centers where you can find air condition.

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