Parents accused of leaving four children in vehicle in Lancaster

LANCASTER — Two parents are accused of leaving their four children in a vehicle in Lancaster over the weekend

Pedro Frias, 55, and Estefany Martinez, 24, allegedly left their four children (two three-year-old girls, a two-year-old girl and a nine-month-old girl) in a car outside of a home in the 300 block of Prospect Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Police were called to the block around 4:34 p.m., arriving seven minutes later; the children were first observed unattended as early as 4:15 p.m. They were reportedly heard crying in the vehicle.

Police say the front driver window was opened approximately six inches. The vehicle was not running but the keys had been left in the ignition. The weather at the time was reported as 88 degrees with a heat index of 92 degrees, police add.

Around 4:47 p.m., police made contact with the parents, Frias and Martinez, who were at a home in the same block.

The four children were transported to the hospital for evaluation and later placed with foster parents.

Frias and Martinez were charged with four felony counts of endangering the welfare of children and four summary offenses of leaving an unattended child in a motor vehicle. They also face a single summary offense of keys left in ignition, court documents show.

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