Come August, the Penn State defense will have the offense ready

CHICAGO -- If there was one constant theme that played out over the past two days at Big Ten Media Days, it was how fast the Penn State defense will be.

Speed kills and the Nittany Lions will get their offense from the defense. Maybe that's why the trio of players in Chicago is confident heading into this season. In fact, they say too much is being made of the departures.

"You guys make it seem like we lost the whole staff and everyone with it," said senior linebacker Cam Brown. "Guys are hungry and they want to work. Those guys, the young guys, are going to be ready by week one of camp (because) we are going hard. We have made a defense pact, we are going to have the offense ready."

If the offense is ready, they may wake up with nightmares after facing this defense, starting with the front seven.

"That line is vicious so I am super excited and it's a whole ton of speed, a lot of speed," said senior cornerback John Reid. "I have never played with that on the defensive line like it. We have guys that are fast but they are skilled-position fast."

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