DA’s Office provides more info. in regards to Dauphin County inmate’s arrest, time in prison and hospitilization

DAUPHIN COUNTY, Pa. — Dauphin County District Attorney Fran Chardo provided more information in regards to Tyrique Riley’s June 18 arrest and his time in Dauphin County Prison, as well as leading up to his hospitalization (June 26) and death on July 1.

PennLive was first to report the news. District Attorney Chardo confirmed the below information with FOX43 Friday.

Riley, 21, was arrested on June 18 and charged with aggravated and simple assault — court documents show — after a domestic incident, in which, according to District Attorney Chardo, he woke up his father around 4:45 a.m. and struck him with a sledgehammer. The district attorney advised that it could have been due to a mental health crisis.

District Attorney Chardo told PennLive that Riley was uncooperative and combative when he was being booked; he was arraigned around 9 a.m. on an aggravated assault charge.

Riley became combative again which led to guards putting restraints on him. He was then taken to the medical office at the booking center so a wrist injury could be checked out. District Attorney Chardo noted that it was unclear when the wrist injury occurred.

Riley could not post bail and was placed under suicide watch at Dauphin County Prison for a week.

On June 26, it was determined by mental health advocates and prison medical staff that Riley had to be seen at the medical center. He was taken by wheelchair and staff determined that he was suffering from a medical issue that required transportation to an outside hospital, District Attorney Chardo said.

Riley was taken back to his cell to change out of prison clothes into regular clothing, according to District Attorney Chardo, when he became uncooperative. District Attorney Chardo said guards struggled with him and placed him in a restraint chair. The district attorney noted that the incident did not appear to be violent and no punches were thrown.

Riley became unresponsive in the chair and medical personnel were called, in which he was transported to the hospital.

District Attorney Chardo said that Riley died on July 1.

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