Mascots learn new skills at Mascot Summer Camp in Lancaster County

MILLERSVILLE, Lancaster County - The hot weather did not beat summer fun for a few mascots on Saturday.

Mascots from schools, businesses and sports teams learned new techniques, dances, and other things at the Mascot Summer Camp. The dedicated mascots showed off their best moves and professionalism for a team review.

Trainers worked together to help others learn the skills needed to be a great mascot.

"What we try to do is show them that there's more to mascoting than just throwing on a costume and running around for two hours at a football of basketball game," said Erin Blanc, owner of Keystone Mascots, "They can actually brand and be representatives for their high schools, colleges, teams and organizations."

This year's camp was the 15th consecutive camp conducted by Keystone Mascots.

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