Spotted lanternflies invade campground in Lancaster County

SALISBURY TOWNSHIP, LANCASTER COUNTY, Pa. -- An invasive species of insect is crawling all over a Lancaster County campground.

That county is under quarantine because of spotted lanternflies, and people don't want to take those insects home with them.

The owner of the campground says the insects are not bugging or bothering anyone.

Lancaster / New Holland KOA is known for its beautiful view.

"That is probably the biggest reason people come, obviously to camp, but they come back and back again cause of the view," explained Chad Nissley, the owner of the campground.

Now, some of those campers may notice an unwanted guest crawling in the trees behind their tents in Salisbury Township.

"I have heard of the Louisana Lovebug, and I don't want to meet them again cause they messed this camper up bad in the last hurricane," said Richard Thornton, a camper.

Richard and Cheryl Thornton are from North Carolina.

With just 7 more states to see before they've visited all 50, you could say they're pretty big travelers.

"The goal was to have a motor home - be that little, old retired couple driving around in a motor home... so we're here. That is us," said Cheryl Thornton.

The Thorntons madeĀ a stop in Lancaster County to see a local family they met 5 years ago.

"It was an Amish family. They asked us to eat dinner with them that night," explained Cheryl Thornton.

"It was wonderful," said Richard.

They also got to see the insect which has 14 Pennsylvania counties currently under quarantine.

"Oh wow," said Richard. "It is beautiful."

Maybe pretty, but the Thorntons don't want to bring them home or to New York, where they are headed next.

The insect is threatening 18 billion dollars worth of Pennsylvania's agricultural industry, according to state officials.

"For us, they are more of just a pest," explained Nissley.

Nissley says the pest is thankfully not hurting the campground's business.

"I have had very little, almost no questions about it, so I guess a lot of people don't even know about it," explained

Nissley says this fall he plans to cut down all the Tree of Heaven trees on his property, which the spotted lanternflies love.

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